Learn to Podcast Session #1

Ryan Urlacher
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You can pay thousands of dollars to attend some courses to learn how to podcast if you like and may think it is some mystical mysterious thing as some might have you believe. Because of those expensive courses that I could never afford, I decided to create this "Learn to Podcast" training series of tutorial videos and bring it to the average person at a reasonable price.

You can purchase one tutorial video session at a time as your budget allows. You can move as fast or slow as you like and I guarantee you will learn just as much as those courses that may cost thousands of dollars. Bottom line is that I will get you up and running with your podcast dream even if you have zero experience. You can watch the tutorial videos over and over and always have them to fall back on. So, save some money and let me, your Hi-Tech Redneck, teach you everything you need to know about podcasting. I show you how to get started without having to invest much money in equipment and services all the way to higher end equipment and services. I take all the secrets out of podcasting and reveal it all to you.

In Session #1 of the "Learn to Podcast" series I start with an introduction and a bit about myself. I can teach you in a very detailed, easy, understandable, and methodical way how to start from scratch and get up and running with your podcast dream! I strive to leave you with no confusion when you have completed the entire "Learn to Podcast" video training series. My instruction is based on "real world" experience and not some fancy podcast or broadcast school, college degree, or training course I attended and I have consulted with no one in the industry. For those reasons I bring this training series to the average person, who may think podcasting is out of their reach or that it is so technical they could never figure it out. Through blood, sweat, tears, and dedication I figured everything out for you and I know you can podcast too with my easy and intuitive instruction! Hey, they don't call me the Hi-Tech Redneck for nothing. I started podcasting from my daughter's closet with nothing more than an iPad mini, the BossJock App, and a condenser microphone. I have since worked my way up to higher end equipment and now have a brodcast/media studio.

I know you have likely searched YouTube and blogs to learn how to podcast and likely stumbled across the very expensive podcast courses you with you could afford. You likely found that the free blogs, videos, and other media about podcasting has much to be desired and only gives you bits and pieces, leaving you to try and figure everything else out on you own. So don't be frustrated anymore and check out Session #1 of the "Learn to Podcast" series and GET STARTED NOW!

Additionally, in Session #1 I give you a video tour of my actual podcasting studio and an equipment overview. We cover your podcasting space, sound issues, microphones, pop filters, computers, recorders, mixers, mic stands, boom arms, headphones, among other things. I tell you what items you should spend your money on and what items you can skimp on without making a difference. I also show you my "On Air" studio lights I made myself for $20 a piece and I tell you how to make them yourself.

When you are comfortable with this "Learn to Podcast" Session, don't forget to move on to Session #2!  GET IT HERE ==> https://gumroad.com/l/LTP02 

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