Learn to Podcast Session #3

Ryan Urlacher
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You can pay thousands of dollars to attend some courses to learn how to podcast if you like and may think it is some mystical mysterious thing as some might have you believe. Because of those expensive courses that I could never afford, I decided to create this "Learn to Podcast" training series of tutorial videos and bring it to the average person at a reasonable price. I guarantee you will learn just as much as those courses that may cost thousands of dollars with this "Learn to Podcast" training video series. Bottom line is that I will get you up and running with your podcast dream even if you have zero experience. So, save some money and let me, your Hi-Tech Redneck, teach you everything you need to know about podcasting.

In Session #3 we cover the importance of what your "brand" is going to be for you podcast. I give you some guidance and insight into choosing your brand, name, and niche for your podcast. I dig in deeper and show you some easy ways and free resources to easily design your podcast logo and what sizes and formats to make. Of course I also introduce you to several paid graphic design outsource options to have your custom logo made if you choose. This is not a graphic design course, but with some demonstration on free services I show you, I believe anyone can create a simple logo themselves. I also discuss more advanced options such as Adobe Photo Shop and Gimp if you already have some experience in design.

Next, I go into detail on deciding on a website domain name for your podcast and what the best practices are. I show you how to search for and purchase your website domain name. Of course it is not mandatory to have a website to podcast and I will give you choices if you don't want a website. As you move forward you will likely want a website for your podcast and I will tell you why. You will learn about domain registrars and website hosting services. I will give you some guidance and best practices on how to get up and going with a website and some of the different content management systems (CMS) available and my preferences for building a website. I actually take you into the backend of one of my podcast websites. I also give you some options on paid services for outsourcing to have your website built. This is not a website building course, but I will get you ahead of the game and a give you a good starting point, so you don't make mistakes. Understandably, learning to build a website would be an entirely separate training series.

When you are comfortable with this "Learn to Podcast" Session, don't forget to move on to Session #4! GET IT HERE ==> https://gumroad.com/l/LTP04


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  • Stream Immediately. You also get a .pdf file with podcast gear information & other useful information.
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