Learn to Podcast Session #5

Ryan Urlacher
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You can pay thousands of dollars to attend some courses to learn how to podcast if you like and may think it is some mystical mysterious thing as some might have you believe. Because of those expensive courses that I could never afford, I decided to create this "Learn to Podcast" training series of tutorial videos and bring it to the average person at a reasonable price. I guarantee you will learn just as much as those courses that may cost thousands of dollars with this "Learn to Podcast" training video series. Bottom line is that I will get you up and running with your podcast dream even if you have zero experience. So, save some money and let me, your Hi-Tech Redneck, teach you everything you need to know about podcasting.

Session #5 is absolutely loaded of course as we get one step closer to getting your podcast out to the masses. We go over what types of music you are allowed to use in your podcast and talk about copyright © issues. I show you some great resources to obtain royalty free music to utilize in your podcast. You will not have to worry about any legal copyright © issues this way.

I go over an affordable piece of soundboard software for putting sounds into your mix. You can have up to 75 sounds/songs on one rack with this proven software! I run this software on my MAC and it can also be used on a PC. If you want to put audio clips, intro music, outro music, and bumpers into your mixer while recording then you will need a good soundboard. This software also has a "talk" button, so when you push it the music ducks and you can talk. I show you where to get the sound board and then show you exactly how to use the software.

I then give you a class on the Roland R-05 external digital recorder that we have talked about in previous sessions. I show you exactly how to set up and use the Roland R-05, so you will be able to set it up very quickly and use it as an external digital recorder with your mix going directly into it. There are many settings on this recorder, but I break it down and show you my exact settings.

Next I follow up on the mixer and show you actual video shots of my inputs, outputs, cables, gain settings, level settings, level lights and more. And I show you how those level settings coincide with the input settings on the Roland R-05 digital recorder. This is follow up to what you have already learned about mixers in a previous training session. It will all come together for you if it hasn't already.

And finally you will watch a detailed picture in picture video as we record our first podcast episode together and I walk you through every single step to include level and gain settings. I reveal to you exactly how I record my podcasts. It will be just as if you are sitting right next to me in a chair watching the entire podcast production live.

The main video is of my computer screen showing you my soundboard and pushing the "talk" button to talk over (duck) the music and how that affects the mixer input (level lights) and Roland R-05 input level. I will teach you exactly where all levels should be both when the music is playing at full and when you push "talk" to duck the music. I have learned this through my experience and many tests over time and I give you everything I have learned. The other portion of the picture in picture video is of my mixer and Roland R-05 recorder. Yup you watch it all in one video and see it all come together. You will see the mixer level lights bumping up and down along with the level bar on the Roland R-05 when I talk and play music. You will see exactly how it all comes together when recording a podcast.

I guarantee that I could not teach you any better even if physically sitting next to you. You are absolutely going to love this training session. I hold nothing back and tell you everything I have learned and know.

When you are comfortable with this "Learn to Podcast" Session, don't forget to move on to Session #6! GET IT HERE ==> https://gumroad.com/l/LTP06


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