Learn to Podcast Session #6

Ryan Urlacher
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You can pay thousands of dollars to attend some courses to learn how to podcast if you like and may think it is some mystical mysterious thing as some might have you believe. Because of those expensive courses that I could never afford, I decided to create this "Learn to Podcast" training series of tutorial videos and bring it to the average person at a reasonable price. I guarantee you will learn just as much as those courses that may cost thousands of dollars with this "Learn to Podcast" training video series. Bottom line is that I will get you up and running with your podcast dream even if you have zero experience. So, save some money and let me, your Hi-Tech Redneck, teach you everything you need to know about podcasting.

In Session #6 we go over everything you need to do now that you have your raw .wav file and your first podcast episode recorded. Of course there are several things you need to do with that raw .wav file before uploading it to your media host of choice. You likely will need to do some post editing to your file to at least clean up the beginning and end. Or you may be the kind of person that really likes to post edit every little thing.

I show how to post edit your .wav file (podcast episode) using Garage Band and walk you through the entire process. Of course Garage Band is for MAC (free) and produced by Apple, so obviously it works awesome for editing your audio. You will learn much by watching this portion even if you are going to use other audio editing software.

I then give you an option that you can use either on your MAC or PC. And that is Audacity, which is free open source software that works just fine for editing podcast audio files. Many podcasters have used Audacity for some time now and it works just fine. I show you exactly how to use it and walk your through as I edit an audio file. No doubt that you will feel comfortable whether you are going to use Garage Band or Audacity for post editing your podcast audio file. Finally, I show you how to compress your .wav file into an .mp3 and what parameters to use when doing so using both pieces of software.

Now that your file has been edited and converted into an .mp3 we dive right into the process of tagging your .mp3 file with the necessary information such as: podcast title, artwork, description, composer, album title etc. I show you how to use a piece of awesome ID3 Tag editing software that makes it super simple to tag (embed information within) your .mp3 file. This software is very reasonably priced and I use it exclusively for tagging my .mp3 files. I then show you how to use iTunes to tag your .mp3 file if you want a completely free resource. You can get iTunes free for both MAC and PC.

When you are comfortable with this "Learn to Podcast" Session, don't forget to move on to Session #7! GET IT HERE ==> https://gumroad.com/l/LTP07


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