Learn to Podcast Session #7

Ryan Urlacher
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You can pay thousands of dollars to attend some courses to learn how to podcast if you like and may think it is some mystical mysterious thing as some might have you believe. Because of those expensive courses that I could never afford, I decided to create this "Learn to Podcast" training series of tutorial videos and bring it to the average person at a reasonable price. I guarantee you will learn just as much as those courses that may cost thousands of dollars with this "Learn to Podcast" training video series. Bottom line is that I will get you up and running with your podcast dream even if you have zero experience. So, save some money and let me, your Hi-Tech Redneck, teach you everything you need to know about podcasting.

Session #7 is packed as we finish everything up and make your published podcast a reality! We discuss RSS feeds in length and as always I am very detailed with visuals and explanation. You will understand exactly what your podcast RSS feed is, where to get it, and how it works in the overall scheme of things. You will learn about the pros and cons of using your audio hosting service RSS feed or your website RSS feed to submit to podcast aggregators such as iTunes, Zune, BlackBerry, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio etc.

I introduce you to Libsyn and Blubrry audio hosting services and go over the differences in pricing plans and services offered. You will feel comfortable in which audio hosting services to utilize and which pricing plan might work best for your podcast. I discuss why you should not host your audio files on your website hosting plan if you have a website already.

Further, you will learn how to use Libsyn as your website, blog, and audio hosting service if you want to start out that way (comes with your plan). However, I strongly encourage you to have your separate independant website up and running by this time in training if you can afford it. I just wanted to give you options if you are on a very tight budget right now. I don't want anything to stop you from getting your podcast out to the masses and it is possible without paying for your own website hosting. It is certainly not the best practice in my opinion, but you can do it if you have to.

I log into my Libsyn account and give you a thorough walk through as I upload a tagged .mp3 podcast file. I will introduce you to Libsyn and what you get with certain packages, such as the ability to create an app for the iTunes market and the Android market. Yup, you could have your own podcast app as I do and Libsyn will submit it for you after you complete the appropriate forms and submit artwork. This way you don't need to get a developer's license to create the app yourself, that is if you even know how. You will learn how to push things to your apps such as new podcast episodes and your blog. I even show you how you can release special content to you app purchasers only or release content to them early. There is much flexibility with your app and Libsyn does and awesome job at providing options.

I show you how to create a "new episode" in Libsyn or just upload a "file only" and which option you should choose and why. You will be very comfortable getting around in Libsyn once you watch this-no sweat.

I take you into the back side of one of my self hosted WordPress websites. I show you how to set up the free Blubrry PowerPress plugin from scratch. You will see step-by-step how to set up your official WordPress website RSS feed using the PowerPress plugin. I then publish an actual podcast episode using WordPress and the PowerPress plugin. We bring over the direct download episode link from Libsyn and you will see it all come together and make perfect sense.

If you are not using WordPress as your content management system (CMS), I will show you how to get a unique code for each podcast episode you publish in Libsyn and embed a player right on your website. You can even do it this way if you are using WordPress and don't want to use the Blubrry PowerPress plugin. I actually take the code and embed it in a WordPress post to show you how it is done.

Last, I introduce you to some of the main podcast aggregators to submit your podcast RSS feed to, so your podcast can be heard. Some of those services are; iTunes, Zune, BlackBerry, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio etc. I show you or give you the information you need and where to go to submit your podcast RSS feed to these aggregators.


Don't forget to check out the following free tutorial videos! They are just as detailed as the videos on this course, but free:

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HAPPY PODCASTING!! Keep checking back at www.YourHiTechRedneck.com for new and exciting things!

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