TUTORIAL VIDEO-Install Harley Davidson Boom Audio Amp & Speaker Kit

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A Video By Bikers for Bikers

In this tutorial video we install a Boom! Audio Cruiser Amp & Speaker Kit on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It doesn't matter which make, year or model of Harley you have as we cover it all in this #1 rated tutorial video! Save your money and do this project yourself right in your garage or on your patio right on the kickstand. No fancy motorcycle lifts, jacks or tools needed.

The video is very thorough and we show you several options when wiring the kit with your bike. We show you a solder option or you can use the butt connectors provided in the kit. We show you different options for routing and managing wires. We explain what each component actually does and armed with this knowledge the project is a breeze. 

We will explain the different ways to tie into a power source on your Harley. You will need one of two options when ordering your Boom Audio Cruiser Amp & Speaker Audio Kit, so make sure you get the right one for your year and model of Harley Davidson. 

  • Touring Electrical Connection Update Kit-69200722
  • Relay Service Kit P/N 69200397

As usual, the paper instructions provided by Harley Davidson with the Boom Audio Kit are less than useful or helpful. That is where this video comes in by breaking it down and showing you exactly how to do each step and why. You will watch in High Definition and at the best possible angles. It is as if you are right there with us and can reach out and turn a wrench! This is a video by bikers for bikers. You simply won't find a better Boom Audio Cruiser Amp & Speaker Kit tutorial video out there.

We also have some great options for mounting your particular music playing device to your handlebars or control cluster. You will certainly want your MP3 player mounted so you can get the most out of your new Boom Audio system. We even install one of these Biker Gripper mounts in the video and show you how. 

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Tools & items needed: (affiliate links)

Screwdrivers (standard & phillips)

Torx head wrenches (standard sizes)

Standard box end wrenches (American & Metric)

Wire strippers (a pocked knife could be used instead)

Pliers (standard & needle nose)

Butane mini torch or just a standard lighter

Allen/Hex head wrenches (American)

Basic 40W soldering iron kit (Can use butt connectors instead)


Consider using our affiliate to purchase any Audio Kits or accessories.

As you can see, you don't need that much and can do this project right on the kickstand. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your money by taking your Harley to a mechanic for this project. Get the tutorial video now and get started! Have the satisfaction of working on your Harley and completing your own projects.

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TUTORIAL VIDEO-Install Harley Davidson Boom Audio Amp & Speaker Kit

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