VIDEO-Harley Davidson Starter Replacement/Install & Starter Clutch Fix

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VIDEO-Harley Davidson Starter Replacement/Install & Starter Clutch Fix

Ryan Urlacher
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Video-So you are dealing with a starter on your Harley Davidson that activates and you can hear it spinning, but it doesn't engage the starter ring gear-thus it doesn't turn over the motor. You can hear the solenoid activate and pop out, but the starter motor just spins. In our experience this is clearly a starter clutch issue and it will need to be replaced. The good news is you don't need an entire new starter. Don't waste your money and trailer your Harley to a dealership or mechanic for repair. We can show you how to do this project right on the kickstand and right in your very own shop or garage. Just basic tools are needed and no specialty tools are required. Contact your Harley Davidson dealership to order the correct starter clutch for your year and model. The starter clutch can fail after years of use and these things happen.

In this video we show you exactly how to remove the Harley starter from the bike, take the starter apart, and replace the faulty starter clutch. We even show you how to remove the overhead oil tank to access the starter unit if you have such a model. Of course Touring and Dyna models have the oil tank below and the starter is much easier to get to, so you can fast forward through the oil tank removal part of the video if you have one of these other models. We also show you how to test the starter off the bike, so you can diagnose problems & test your repair before you install the starter back on the bike. We then show you how to put the starter back together correctly and install it back on your Harley.

What Harley Davidson Years & Models is This Video Best For?

From our knowledge, experience, and research, owner's of Harley's from 2006 & above with the six speed transmissions are who this video is for. Although it is likely this video would still be of much assistance to older model Harley's. Prior to 2006 and the six speed transmissions, you had to remove the inner primary for starter removal and replacement. 2006 & above Harley models with six speed transmissions do not require you to remove the outer or inner primary, so that of course is not in this particular video.

You will get the best of angles in this video and nothing is left to the unknown. It is as if you can reach out and turn a wrench with us and of course all our videos are in high definition.

Other Uses for this Video:

This video will help anyone removing a starter from their 2006 and above six speed transmission Harley Davidson model. You could be experiencing solenoid problems, a starter motor failure, or a failing starter clutch. This video will be extremely useful for any of those situations.

Do I need to remove the overhead oil tank to get at the starter?

There if little to no room to get up under the oil tank on many models to get the starter out. You can become very frustrated trying to get extensions, long hex head wrenches, or other home made tools simply to try and avoid removing the oil tank. Even if you get the bolts out you will have much difficulty trying to remove the starter, if you even can. You will likely end up angry and have to remove the oil tank anyways in the end.

So, we say just save the frustration and let us show you how to remove the overhead oil tank and get it out of your way. Then you can easily remove the starter and go to work on repairing it. It is better to do things correctly up front rather than becoming frustrated later.

Basic Tools Needed:


Standard Nut Driver Set

Standard & Metric Sockets

Standard & Metric Wrenches

Ratchet Extensions

Diagonal cutters

Standard Ball Hex Head Sockets

Test Leads

Needle Nose Pliers

Boot Clamp/Ear Clip Pliers (Optional)

Shop Towels

Best Regards,

Ryan Urlacher
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