TUTORIAL VIDEO-How to Install a Dyno Jet Power Commander V on a Harley Davidson

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This is a very thorough step-by-step tutorial video that will teach you how to install a DynoJet Power Commander V on your Harley Davidson motorcycle right on the kickstand. This will SAVE YOU MONEY by not having to take your Harley to a mechanic to tune you Electronic Fuel Injection. This is a video by bikers for bikers!

Easy to understand Podcast Episode & article on electronic fuel injection (EFI) tuners. 


Once you have the Power Commander V (PCV) installed then you are ready to install a Dyno Jet Auto Tuner if you choose, which will allow even more fine tuning of your EFI. We also have a tutorial video that will teach you how to install the DynoJet Auto Tuner (https://gumroad.com/l/autotuner). The DynoJet Auto Tuner hooks to the Power Commander V (PCV).

You can just run the Power Commander V on your motorcycle and be good with that. If you get new header pipes, mufflers, or air intake on your motorcycle then you need to at least do a basic re-map of your motorcycle's electronic fuel injection (EFI), or things will not run properly. 

That is where the Power Commander V comes into play. Most places you order the Power Commander V from will program it with the appropriate base map for your intake/exhaust set up, which eliminates the necessity for you to hook it to a computer. You just tell them what pipes and what air intake you installed and they ship it with the correct generic base map. If it does not ship that way then I would order from another distributor. Or you can connect the PCV with a computer and USB cable and install the correct base map yourself. The maps are free for download from different EFI sales websites.

The great thing about the Power Commander V verses the Harley Davidson dealer standard EFI download is that with the PCV you can always hook it to a computer later and change a base map for free in the event you change pipes or air intake down the road. With the Harley dealer standard download you have to return and pay every time they have to flash your Engine Control Module (ECM). Harley charges $210+ for this download for 15 minutes of work. So, at a bit over $300 the Power Commander V seems the way to go, unless you are absolutely certain you will never change your motorcycle pipes or air intake again.

Now, if you want to ramp things up a bit with tuning your motorcycle's EFI then you can get the DynoJet Auto Tuner to go with the PCV for finer tuning of your motorcycle's electronic fuel injection. The Auto Tuner has 18mm wide-band O2 sensors. One O2 sensor screws into the 18mm bung on the front header pipe and the other on the rear header pipe.

Your stock Harley Davidson has narrow-band 12mm O2 sensors and 12mm bungs on your header pipes. So, you will need to order header pipes with 18mm bungs if you want to install the Auto Tuner. Or, the Auto Tuner comes with the 18mm bungs, which you could have welded into the header pipes and the 12mm bungs removed. Any auto exhaust technician or welder can do this easy weld job for you.

Once we show you how to completely install and wire the DynoJet Auto Tuner, we show you how to get it hooked up to your laptop via a USB cable. You will need a computer for the Auto Tuner, so you can utilize it properly and get the most out of it. So, I strongly suggest you utilize a computer for the Auto Tuner.

You can just install and pair the DynoJet Auto Tuner with the Power Commander V and leave it. However, it will not make large adjustments to your base map and only small ones while riding.

To accept larger trim values and really make a bigger difference you will need a laptop to do so. DynoJet does not want the Auto Tuner to make larger adjustments automatically while a motorcyclist is riding. So, you have to return after riding, hook up a laptop, and manually agree to the suggested trim values and then push the base map back to the Power Commander V. Of course in the Auto Tuner video we show you how to use the DynoJet software and do all this.

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!

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TUTORIAL VIDEO-How to Install a Dyno Jet Power Commander V on a Harley Davidson

0 ratings