Install Aftermarket Handlebars on Harley Davidson Softail-Dyna-Sportster | Extend Wires, Lines, Cables

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Fact: Dealerships and mechanics can charge over $1,000 to put aftermarket handlebars on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. It is often times well over that amount, yet we know you can do this project yourself by watching this tutorial video. We teach you everything you will need to know and walk you through the entire process.

In this tutorial video, we install 14" aftermarket handlebars & on a Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycle. We wired the new bars internally for that clean look. This #1 rated tutorial video will not only work for Harley-Davidson Softail models, but also for Harley Dyna and Sportster models.

Check out our Handlebar Install Video Page and pick the right video to suit your project. We have other Harley handlebar install videos on that page.

You will not find a more thorough aftermarket handlebar install tutorial video out there. It is a video by bikers for bikers. You can put new handlebars on your Harley right in your garage or on your patio right on the kickstand! There are no specialty tools or motorcycle lifts required and I will give you a list of items you will need and things to think about later in this article.

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The video is high definition and it's like you can reach out and turn the wrenches with us. In this video, we skip no steps and we have no doubt that after watching you can do this project with ease. Tons of bikers all over the world now have aftermarket handlebars on their Harley's because of this exact video. We are very detailed in our explanations and we want you to be successful. That is where we get our greatest satisfaction, hearing of successful installs!

There are many aftermarket handlebars for your Harley Davidson motorcycle in every shape, color, and size imaginable and the cost can vary just as much. There are many companies making quick connect/install kits. Most of these simple kits are the same and come with a bundle of colored wires for extending wire harnesses, quick connectors, and shrink tube. If you are going with taller style handlebars then the kit may also include an extended clutch cable, cable throttle, and extended front brake lines.

Note: If you want to put heated grips on your Harley Davidson then now is the time, because you will be right there with everything apart. We can help you complete that too with our Harley Davidson Heated Grips Install Video.

Many of these handlebar wiring kits have quick connect pins for extending the stock wire harnesses. You usually take off the stock plastic Harley wire plugs, extend the wires with the quick kit colored wires, and then plug back into the stock plugs all without soldering. You can always snip the quick connectors that come with the wire kits and solder if you are more comfortable with that.

There are also kits with the OEM plugs on the end of the wire extensions to quickly hook up after soldering extensions in. Either way, we have you covered in this video. We filmed several different kits and show you how to proceed depending on your particular kit, which aren't much different.

We can tell you from experience that you will want to have a soldering iron and solder on hand. Often times because of bulky plugs it may be necessary to solder a bit to make things clean and easy. Your extension kit may require soldering. Don't worry, we make soldering so easy and show you exactly how to do it properly in this video.

Most the time you can go as tall as 12" aftermarket handlebars without having to replace wires, cables, and lines. I said, "most the time", so you need to do your own research for your particular year and model before you begin your project.

Tools & items needed: (affiliate links)

Screwdrivers (standard & phillips)

Torx head wrenches (standard sizes)

Standard box end wrenches (American & Metric)

Wire strippers (a pocket knife could be used instead)

Pliers (standard & needle nose)

Butane mini torch or just a standard lighter

Allen/Hex head wrenches (American)

Transmission oil (one quart)(replacement if you have to put extended clutch cable or hydraulic clutch lines on)

DOT 4 brake fluid (if replacing with extended brake lines)(for bleeding lines)

Transmission cover gasket (If you have to put extended clutch cable or hydraulic lines on)

A simple hand operated brake line bleeder vacuum pump

Basic 40W soldering iron kit


As you can see, you don't need that much and can do this project right on the kickstand. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your money taking your Harley to a mechanic and spend over $1,000 for this project. Get the tutorial video now (above) and get started! Have the satisfaction of working on your Harley and completing your own projects.

Best Regards,

Ryan Urlacher
Law Abiding Biker™

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Install Aftermarket Handlebars on Harley Davidson Softail-Dyna-Sportster | Extend Wires, Lines, Cables

15 ratings
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