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Install Soundz Bagger Front Amp & Speaker Audio Kit on 2014 & Newer Harley Touring Model

A Video by Biker for Bikers

This tutorial video will work for 2014 & newer Harley-Davidson touring models with either a batwing or shark nose style fairings & equipped with the Harley-Davidson Boom!™ Box Infotainment System. This video is for installing the Soundz Bagger Audio front amp & speakers.  This video covers every aspect of a front speaker & amp installation in great detail.

Note: With the Soundz Bagger front amp & speakers install you will need to "flash" or "re-program" your Boom!™ Box Infotainment System prior to or after install. Flashing the Boom Box will allow it to recognize the new amp and speaker setup along with putting out the proper levels. Understand, Harley dealerships will no longer flash the Boom Box for you unless you purchase their Harley branded Boom Audio Stage speaker and amp kits. No worries though, because in our tutorial video we show you how to easily flash your Boom Box system using the Techno Research Scan Tool that you purchase with your Soundz Bagger Audio Kit. 

Save your money and do this project yourself right in your shop or garage right on the kickstand. No fancy motorcycle lifts, jacks or tools needed.

The video is very thorough and we show you different options for routing and managing wires. We explain what each component actually does and armed with this knowledge the project is a breeze.

As usual, the paper instructions provided by Soundz Bagger Audio with the amp and speaker kit will confuse and frustrate you. That is where this video comes in, by breaking it down and showing you exactly how to do each step and why. You will watch in high definition and at the best possible angles. You will listen to actual bikers explain and show things in a way that is easy to understand. It is as if you are right there with us and can reach out and turn a wrench or plug in a wiring harness! This is a video by bikers for bikers. You simply won't find a better Soundz Bagger Audio amp and speaker kit for Harley install tutorial video out there.

Soundz Bagger Audio kit components we used in this video: 

  • Soundz Iron 61 Front Fairing Speakers
  • Soundz SM4.100 4 channel amplifier
  • All wiring harnesses and hardware included in kit
  • Techno Research Scan Tool (for flashing the Boom Box)

We suggest mounting your cell phone or music playing device to your handlebars or control cluster using a Biker Gripper. You will certainly want your music player mounted so you can get the most out of your new Soundz Bagger system.

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FYI: Here is just one an example of one of our many completely Free tutorial videos, so you can bet our for purchase videos are that and more. Click here to see the detail in that video. And while you are there subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Tools & items needed: (affiliate links)

As you can see, you don't need that much and can do this project right on the kickstand. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your money by taking your Harley to a mechanic for this project.  Get the tutorial video now and get started! Have the satisfaction of working on your Harley and completing your own projects.

Best Regards,

Ryan Urlacher
Law Abiding Biker™ Media

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Install Soundz Bagger Front Amp & Speaker Audio Kit on 2014 & Newer Harley Touring Model

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