Finding That Elusive Place We Seek! An Epic West Coast Motorcycle Documentary Film

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Finding That Elusive Place We Seek! An Epic West Coast Motorcycle Documentary Film

Ryan Urlacher
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My name is Ryan Urlacher & I am an independent filmmaker along with many other hats I wear. My mission is to help, educate, entertain, and inspire as many bikers as I can worldwide. A ton of personal man-hours and expenses go into creating large motorcycle documentary films like this. I appreciate your show of support by purchasing this film. By supporting my efforts, it assures that I can continue to create films for the biker community & cover some of the equipment expenses and man-hours involved.

Upon purchase, you'll get immediate access and the video will stream just like a YouTube video from any device with a solid internet connection! You can watch as many times as you like for life! * No DVD's here, as they are old clunky technology.

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About this Documentary Film:

This motorcycle documentary film is about a group of brothers that rode motorcycles for 9 days, 2200 miles, and covered 4 states.  I share our many experiences and the places we visited. Experience the good times, the bad times, the humorous times, and the many debacles. Ride along with us as we truly experience the law abiding biker lifestyle & meet bikers & great people from abroad. There are so many roads and places to experience when riding your motorcycle cross-country and that is the reason we live to ride. Riding motorcycles truly frees our souls. 

Some of us rode on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and some rode Indian motorcycles. We visited cities such as South Lake Tahoe, CA, San Francisco, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Eureka, CA, Placerville, CA, Newport, OR, Diamond Lake, OR and more.

There were multiple purposes for this motorcycle trip. First, our mission was to experience the west coast of the United States and ride through beautiful areas getting there.  Additionally, this was a trip about spending time and bonding with my brothers as we are part of a law abiding biker club. Last, we met our beloved Patron Members of Law Abiding Biker™ Media in Placerville, CA. We took them on a great ride through east to South Lake Tahoe, CA with us and afterward we had an awesome dinner event at a park. The event was like none other & showcases what the law-abiding motorcycle community is truly about.

That is just a broad overview and you’ll have to watch the film for the rest! Enjoy!

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